Chaat Momos

06 May

         Momo is a type of steamed dumpling which is originate in Tibet(China) as Dumpling later on it has been spread out in South & East Asian region. Momo recipe brought to Nepal by Newari Marchant who use to go  Tibet for trade. Initially Momos were  use to prepare in yar meat  but having brought to nepal it start to serve in vegitarian for the vegitarian people. Now its very popular dishes in Nepal, Tibet, Darjeeling, Sikkim, North-East India , & Ladak.            

            There are many varities of momos but today we going to share you about one of the tasty, spicy & delicious Chaat Momos.
Chaat Momos are very spicy & tasty varity of momos or one of the popular varities of momos. Chaat Momos are prepare with mixture of many ingredient which are onion, tomato, chilli flex, spices, mustard oil, corandier leaves, Sweet Curd, Jam, Bhujiya, lemon juice & salt to taste.

lets Start with Recipe :

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